Instagram is planning to stop the conflict likes

انستجرام تخطط لايقاف صراع الاعجاباتInstagram is planning to stop the conflict likes

Instagram is planning to stop the conflict likes

Planning platform photo sharing Instagram, owned by Facebook, plans to scrap key feature in the app since its launch, and watch the number of likes the video on the timeline .

New feature apparently is currently tested on a limited number of users, where they will see the numbers of likes, and details of the owner of the publication only.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Welcomes Instagram, as indicated in the letter appear to prevent you test the new water with them, you want to be the focus of traders focused on what the user of a photographer and not on the number of likes.

Expects Instagram to lead this water to stop the torrent of fake accounts, the buying of likes, and other negative phenomena of the product.

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