Instagram is preparing an updated design. What is the application?

Employees of Instagram are constantly working on improvements of the service. For example, in September the developers were allowed to tag users in videos — similar to the photos. In early October, the team presented a business card that will allow you to instantly find the desired page of a new acquaintance. In the result you can subscribe with just a few clicks. Now programmers are working to redesign the profile page — the first examples are already ready to be shown to the audience.

The next improvement will be the home page. About the upcoming update, the staff said in the company blog.

User profile — the most important place for lovers of Instagram. It is here that people tell about themselves, their preferences and interests. Other members of the social network can see the page and make conclusions about its owner.

Why Instagram wants to improve the experience of interacting with the profile. The developers have already found a more effective self-expression for users. In addition, they want to simplify the interaction with other people.

Over the next few weeks, staff will distribute updates. I plan to change many things: icons, buttons and even the principle of interaction with the tabs. In the end, the platform will come to a clean and neat appearance.

The company representatives shared best practices ready. Below you can see the redesigned profile. Avatar is on the right, the number of subscribers and subscriptions takes up less space, thus the name of the user has increased significantly. Buttons send messages and the following will be more. And the list of subscriptions will see mutual friends.

These can be business profiles on the platform. Option is call, text, email, ordering, and more.

It seems that soon we are waiting for a noticeable change in the design. Will be delighted if you like innovations? Share your answers in the comments under the article or Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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