Instagram is preparing to close the application talks to the Independent Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct

Needs the application of Instagram to the advantage of integrated messaging called Instagram Direct. For some reason, the company decided it would be good to launch this feature as a separate known as Direct. Well, it turns out now that he doesn’t have that hair, which she had hoped. Instagram.

According to a tweet from Matt Navarra, they know some of the audio messages that users see in the application of Direct which you shall notify them that the app is closed in the coming months. This means that if you use the app to interact with messages Instagram, you might want to start learning to use the messaging feature built-in the application of Instagram again.

According to the notification, confirming the Instagram that all existing messages in the application of the Direct will be transferred simply to the application of Instagram and it will not ask you to do anything. This means that you can simply open Instagram and start a conversation with your friends without planning anything. We don’t have currently any information about the expected date to close the app officially, but the fact that these warning messages have already started appearing for users, it is likely to happen in the near future, and that means it’s time for you leave if you haven’t done so already.


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