Instagram is working on a secure system is a new dual does not use SMS


Revealed a detailed investigation conducted by the site Motherboard that the pirates can find ways to circumvent the system of dual control which is based on SMS, through the theft of the phone number of the target person and re-assigned SIM card different. They can then be used to reset the passwords and selling the stolen accounts online for bitcoin. I’ve confirmed network Instagram now she is working on the development of a new system for a two stage is safer and does not depend on SMS SMS.

Mentioned investigation that the accounts of Instagram has been particularly weak since the app only provides the option to control two-phase through the SMS text messages which provide the access code or reset the password through a text message.

I’ve confirmed network Instagram for TechCrunch now she is working on the development of a system of two phases is not dependent on SMS and works with security applications such as Google Authenticator. This new system work, the company creates a special blade needed by the users to log in. Can not create the code on another device if the number is stolen and re-assigned to the SIM card hackers.

Found developer Jane Manchun Wong, which gained good reputation in the sea deep in the source code for the applications to find the features that is yet to be launched for users, the prototype system of dual control in the new application Instagram for Android.

Confirmed a spokesman for Instagram that he is already developing this feature. The spokesman added : ” We are ready to improve the security of the accounts of Instagram, including the strengthening of the system of dual control “. However, it is not clear at this stage, when you will put this feature to all users.



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