Instagram is working to update the property of authentication for protection from the penetration of the SIM card

انستقرام تعمل على تحديث خاصية المصادقة الثنائية للحماية من اختراق بطاقة SIM

According to the new company Instagram “Instagram” on the solution of two-factor authentication in a manner that does not require the phone number of the user, meaning the latest update of the safety features that currently exist in the app, where just hours after the publication of achieving prominent on hacking SIM cards for platforms for other social, appeared Instagram and confirmed they work on a safer method, as this will allow you the option associated with the authentication using the application encoding code like Google Authenticator and Authy..

On the other hand, also the company is now working on bypassing the phone numbers for some time, where I discovered a professional school Jane Manchun Wong version preliminary for bilateral working updated version Android posted yesterday on her Twitter.

انستقرام تعمل على تحديث خاصية المصادقة الثنائية للحماية من اختراق بطاقة SIM

Currently allows you to Instagram to retrieve your account and log in on new devices as long as you can confirm your identity via a phone number associated with your account, but it was one of the highlights of the results of the investigation about the penetration of SIM cards, it has new format the growing of theft on the Internet to get abducted illegally on the access to the user’s phone number and linking it to the SIM card is new, and made using little information such as social security number.

From there, hackers can even blackmail the victim for financial gain, or they can use the phone number and the benefits of the recovery to reset their accounts to Amazon and Instagram and Twitter and other accounts.

Finally, many technology companies are building tools to protect against vulnerabilities in two-factor authentication based on SMS, for example, I have the Google App Authenticator which uses a numeric code randomly generated with a rigid time limit, uses Facebook now a similar tool integrated in the app itself, it’s good to see Instagram now follow suit.

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