Instagram Launches Messaging feature voice chat

As her usual work Facebook advantages of their application among some, and now brought the voice messaging feature to Instagram to communicate through its users via private messages.

Continue Facebook several months in the water test which is based on the user pressed the icon of the microphone to begin recording a short audio appears in the conversation on the form of sound waves to enable the future listening to it.

Select Instagram the length of the voice message maximum one minute only and the water in individual conversations and group also to be able to each joint within the range of the headset and send voice messages.

Similar to WhatsApp, the elderly, the voice messaging provides an easier way to communion and relationship and personality of the user, as it allows for a broad spectrum of users who are unable to read and write to communicate between them without the need to make a video call expensive or intraday during the chat.

To get water make sure you update the app to latest version from my shop Android and Apple TV.

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