Instagram launches new features based on artificial intelligence to combat harassment and


The network began to Instagram today to issue new features on its platform to combat harassment and bullying, particularly among adolescent users.

Used water the first artificial intelligence to automatically check on whether someone publishes comments hostile or harassing. After the user types a comment like this bottom photo, he’s going to ask the app automatically asked if he really wanted to go ahead and publish this comment or whatever if he wants to review it and delete it. This puts the ball in his court and lets him think back on his actions.

However, if you need something more effective to some thing, there is another feature called ” restrict | Restrict “. When used this feature on one of the users, it will be is the only one who sees his comments after being published will not have had any idea that others don’t see them. This method is called ” blocking back“, which prevents a person from taking countermeasures against the ban because it has no idea that he was banned. Gives the advantage of tradition ” Restrict ” also this person from seeing when you are connected to or if you have read his messages direct.

Being the launch of the feature recommendations that are based on artificial intelligence, will feature tradition ” Restrict ” soon.


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