Instagram launches new features to help the visually impaired to have access to your posts.. here’s how to do it

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

إنستاجرام تطلق مزايا جديدة تساعد ضعاف البصر على الوصول لمشاركاتك.. إليك كيفية تفعيلها

The platform Instagram Instagram to experience the advantages of the New some calculations last Wednesday as a prelude to make them available to all accounts soon and this combination will facilitate the use of the app for the visually impaired.

Where it announced a feature to read the description of the images which will enable up to 285 million people in the world suffer from visual impairments have access to photos posted on the app through the descriptions of the voice and to introduce them to the content of the photographs, as were also announced another feature is the ability to add alternative text for images try to make the product more easy to use, as stated in the publication platform Instagram via her blog to announce new features.

Think web browsers are usually the alternative text alternative text is embedded in web pages to provide descriptive information for the readers of the ad hoc for the visually impaired, and the platform of Instagram is now offering this water which is given through the creation of such descriptions automatically, using the techniques of artificial intelligence to the objects in the photo and provide a description visible health for people who suffer from visual impairments while scrolling through the news feed of their own.

Here’s how to modify the alternative text to the image on Instagram:

Uses alternative text automatic recognition technology of objects to describe visual images for people who suffer from visual impairments, you can modify this text to provide a better description of the image.

Keep in mind that it will not be read This description only if someone uses a screen reader to access Instagram, you can add alternative text to images during the publishing process by following these steps:

  • Never uploaded a photo on Instagram
  • Choose a filter and modify the picture, then click on next Next
  • Click on Advanced Settings Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen
  • Then tap on the option of writing alternative text Write Alt Text
  • Type the alternative text into the box and press the Done

إنستاجرام تطلق مزايا جديدة تتيح للمزيد من الناس رؤية مشاركاتك.. إليك كيفية استخدامهم

How to change the alternative text of the image after posting already:

  • The top of each image you will see the sign of three dots (…) which give you several options, click on it
  • Click on the option to add alternative text in the bottom right
  • Type the alternative text in the box, and then tap on the Done

The gate Arab News Technical Instagram launches new features to help the visually impaired to have access to your posts.. here’s how to do it

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