Instagram live arrangement of publications on the “time line” in accordance with the schedule


Choose Instagram a new way to view the publications, based on the “chronological order” which is revealed by user Gunnar Freyr by posting a video clip in your story on Instagram, in addition to inform a few other users also for the presence of water, according to published website “gsmarena“.

It was one of the changes that were made when the acquisition of Facebook application Instagram was the timeline not the salary which is similar to facebook, and this was backed boards know automatically images of people communicate with the user permanently, or accounts that have been pursued recently, which means the appearance of the content according to the preference, not chronology.


But the order of your publications according to the schedule easy to understand, even for novice users because it prevents all the problems of a logical place on the timeline is constant at every time is open the app, as it gives a clear hierarchy of Health multi-published by a single user.

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