Instagram now allows users to raise several photos and videos to ” Stories “


The network Instagram issue feature story ” Stories ” since a relatively long period. It was usual to kill the users to upload pictures and videos taken by less than 24 hours, but that’s changed. Now in another update for ” the story“, the application of Instagram allows users to upload multiple images or different videos at one time.

According to Instagram, it has stated by saying : ” Now you’ll be able to raise several photos and videos to your story once. Whether you want to preview the entire story to make sure they are correct or you are waiting for a call a strong raise all photos and videos of the day, it has now become easy than ever to share your story after the passage of the moment “.

Before that, users can raise one picture or one video at a time, which means for people who tend to publish several stories in today back to screen lifting several times back and forth. But this update can reduces the all this time not necessary to spent by the user in it. Users will be able to also edit every story, and preview them before raising them also.


These changes must be now available already for Android users, but according to Instagram, you will need to users of iOS waiting for this update which should be available to them in the coming weeks.



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