Instagram now says to hide the number of likes in the publications in more countries


In Canada, the network of Instagram choose to hide the number of likes in publications so the owner just to see her. Having said that, it has network Instagram now to expand the scope of trade to include many new countries including Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Usually used likes as a measure to compare the publications with each other, as well as to measure people’s subjectivity.

With regard to this subject, said network Instagram, saying : ” we choose this because we want to focus your followers on the photos and videos you share, and not on the number of LIKEs received by “.

The network Instagram recently launched a new measure to combat the development and harassment on the social network through the use of artificial intelligence for the offensive comments that are written by users and warn them about whether they want to actually post those comments, making the show live again in the commentary.

Moreover, the network Instagram also launched another feature called the restriction ” Restrict “. When used this feature on one of the users, it will be is the only one who sees his comments after being published will not have had any idea that others don’t see them. This method is called ” blocking back“, which prevents a person from taking countermeasures against the ban because it has no idea that he was banned. Gives the advantage of tradition ” Restrict ” also this person from seeing when you are connected to or if you have read his messages direct.


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