Instagram Officially Announces a service IGTV watch videos long vertical

Allow new water users to download videos in the vertical position, not horizontal.

I didn’t provide a service to the Instagram sharing feature video clips first time in the month of June 2013, The maximum duration allowed is only 15 seconds, the host then the appropriate service “fine” Vine owned by Twitter that did not hold up in the competition were closed early last year.

Then worked Instagram, owned by Facebook, to increase the permitted duration, raising the limit to 30 seconds and then to 60 seconds, and two weeks ago began to talk about that the company is thinking about increasing the duration to 60 minutes, to allow new water users to download videos in the vertical position, not horizontal.

Indeed, the announced Instagram yesterday announced the launch of a standalone app again on behalf of IGTV offers users the possibility to watch video clips and the long sink and vertical only.

She said Instagram, which also announced plans to number of users the barrier of one billion monthly active users, the service IGTV is also, besides being the application independent part of the application Instagram the main, as users can access channels that are available to them through the service from there.

The company added in a post on her blog: “IGTV different in several ways. First, it was designed to fit how you use your phone for, so the videos fill the screen and vertical. Also, unlike Instagram, don’t kill video on the one minute. Instead, can reach a length of each video to watch”.

And video sharing services, such as YouTube and others, mainly to enable users to search for content they want to share, I tried to Instagram to provide experience more akin to the experience of traditional TV, as the content appears immediately run the app, and the nice thing is that the first thing a user sees is the screen that used to appear on TVs of old, when the interruption of the broadcast.

On the main page of the application, showing the search option within the service, in addition to the four tabs, is For You and Following and Popular and Continue Watching. In the first shows the content of the proposal, and in the second shows the content of the friends and accounts you follow, and in the second content currently popular on the service, and in the latter to show the videos that I watched part of it and produce them.

In any video you watch, you can, similar to YouTube, presented for 5 seconds with every click on the screen, adding to the possibility of admiring comment and participation, as well as reporting and share the link to your video.

And Instagram to IGTV will be a Future TV, but on mobile devices, as it allows you to watch channels that you want, and you can also create your own channel and upload the video you want, whether via the app or the web.

It should be noted that the application of the IGTV is available for download from the Play Store, and you can also download it as APK standalone of here. Also you can download the latest version of the application Instagram, which includes service of the IGTV from the Play Store, and download it as APK standalone of here.

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