Instagram officially launches feature Reels on a global level to compete strongly with the TikTok

instagram reels

At the moment, the fate of the platform TikTok hanging in the balance. It was the American President Donald Trump has sought previously to ban the app completely, but later decided to change his mind a little bit where the granting of the application 45 days to look for a buyer from the United States of America to save himself. Last we heard is that Microsoft is interested in, among other companies, to take possession of the app.

While we wait to see what will happen in the meantime, it seems that Instagram can fill that void likely where the announced feature is suitable for TikTok called Reels. In fact, it was the launch of this feature in the year 2019, but it was available in a few countries. However, the announced Instagram now that the Reels will be available now in all over the world, including the United States of America.

Although the TikTok is very well established in this area, the Instagram has its own set of loyal users too. Add to that the feature Reels built-in to the application of Instagram itself, which means that users do not need to download a new application to start using the Reels, which may help in promoting the adoption rate of this feature. Made Instagram a huge hit with many of the features of ” aliases ” such as feature stories, so maybe the company can succeed in it with Reels.

As we said earlier, water is now available for use, so if you want to start using the Reels, simply open the application Instagram, and moved to the front of the camera and select Reels, and then recite present.


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