Instagram provides a way to discover phishing and fraud

Of months ways to steal accounts of users of social networks are sending the mail message and fake them to look in the outer world like sent officially from the site, but it contains links to pages, lists the data entry user.

Instagram has a new security feature that will help you to know that the message which came to you on your e-mail issued already or they receive a phishing scam and steal accounts?.

New feature called Emails from Instagram which is a special section within the application can be accessed by going to Settings – Security in order to address messages sent by Instagram to you during the last 14 days. And water messages sent to messages relating to account security and other messages.

Therefore if you get an email claiming to be from Instagram and ask you to perform actions such as password reset or login to a specific page, you can be assured of the credibility of the message through to the section, albeit in a list of the messages sent are safe.

She had spread during the recent campaign to steal accounts of users of the Instagram through the use of fake for the technique of two-step verification. It is advised to activate this feature to increase the security of your account.

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