Instagram reveal the 3 new advantages for. here’s how to use them

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

إنستاجرام تكشف عن 3 مزايا جديدة للتسوق.. إليك كيفية استخدامهم

Launched the platform Instagram Instagram three advantages of the new development last Thursday that will help retailers gain more opportunities to promote their products across the region, as well as help the user to make a purchase decision faster, where users will be able to now find the products via my profile or video, and they can save what they care about of products in the so-called Group shopping shopping collection for future reference when needed.

The following are three new features to how to use them:

The first feature is called the set Shop shopping collection:

From now you will have users of the Instagram group option shopping shopping collection they can use it to save products of interest, after pressing the halfway mark in the story or the feelings in the bottom line.

User can click on the Save icon in the bottom right corner of the image, which will offer the option of saving in a group registration Save to shopping collection.

Users can access to the groups registry after it from their profile to become saved items at a later time.

إنستاجرام تكشف عن 3 مزايا جديدة للتسوق.. إليك كيفية استخدامهم

The second feature is a registration feature via the video Shop via video:

The platform Instagram also insert the registration code in the bottom left corner of the videos with brands that highlight the products displayed in the video, making it easier for users to check on the prices of products easily.

The second feature is the feature tab buy new accounts for the commercial activities of the new shop tab for business profiles:

إنستاجرام تكشف عن 3 مزايا جديدة للتسوق.. إليك كيفية استخدامهم

Will business accounts enter now on the tab titled shop, which will allow users to browse products from the business account.

Tab includes a summary of the voice of organizations that can pressure them to share information about home publications that appeared in the region.

What is the significance of these new features to the user and brands?

Four days just before we enter the week of tolerance the most crowded in the holiday season which will begin next Friday which is the day Black Friday event which is an accelerometer able and, granted platform Instagram retailers more ways to showcase their products in front of users – without being forced retailers to do more.

Be thrown these features the second new feature to the user, but in the end, will brand by expanding the product display they are sharing on the platform.

The gate Arab News Technical Instagram reveal 3 new advantages for development. here’s how to use them

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