Instagram sign application Direct messaging

Based on Instagram application to stop Direct messaging is the messaging application to direct its own independent.

Informed advisor social media Matt Navarra and a few of the reviewers on the Google Play page for the application on receiving a notice says that Instagram will not claim the direct application of the “next month”, did not specify a date that is where you will turn off the app, only that your conversations will be automatically transferred to the app Instagram main in the next month.

Features the application of Direct messaging

إنستجرام يوقف تطبيق Direct messaging ومميزاته الملحقة بهInstagram sign application Direct messaging and its features attached to it

Launched a product owned by Facebook for the first time this app in a few countries in December 2017, and since then the leaves of many of the other countries release of the app they have, where it is attached to a range of features, including Giphy GIF, as well as the web version for the desktop, but it didn’t the app becomes famous, just like the main application, and did not ever come to most regions, and remained at an experimental stage and it wasn’t really a surprise that the company decides to stop him once and for all.

It is not clear whether the organization has shut down independent app its own because it has not acquired the fame average, or if it is worth the effort that we see now, both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp more commonly used, or whether there was another reason behind the decision, even now the police didn’t know about the main reason that pushed her to make that decision.

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