Instagram Start issue feature, which allows users to manage time at home


The company is focusing these days on the shelves of the Digital, which is basically a way to try to manage the amount of time you spend on your phone hoping that by giving you the tools and features given, you will help yourself to reduce your addiction. In line with that, the network announced Instagram in the month of August they will release a feature that allows users to monitor the amount of time spent on this social network.

According to reports, it appears that network Instagram has now begun the issuance of such water users as we speak. If you don’t see this feature currently, so don’t worry because the network Instagram tend to launch some of its features new stages, but be sure that this feature will be released to you sooner rather than later. To access the panel of information about your activity on the network of Instagram, all you have to do is head to your profile page, clicking on the icon of the hamburgers to get to the option ” your activity | Your Activity “.


Will the control panel for users the average time spent in the app on their device, they will be able also to see the total time they spent in the app on a daily basis. These features allow also users to set daily reminder so that an alert is displayed to them when they spend too much time in the day on the app. Provide the notification settings the new settings to prevent new notifications from Instagram for a specific period of time.

She said Facebook she has developed these features in collaboration with leading mental health experts, academics and organizations. Has been adopted also in the development of these features on its research and observations clearly received by the users as well.

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