Instagram start viewing another the interaction of users in private messages

Instagram starts showing activity status in direct messages

Another appearance or another interaction link to Instagram also where water is in private messages only with any friends who share with them the messages where they appear, the words stating the time of the person’s other details like since 3 minutes, and so on.

The specificity of water as is the case with WhatsApp, where you can turn off the water and will not allow your friends know when you last interaction, but you will lose water also won’t know when you conducted your friends of another interaction.

Can turn off the water via the options in the application and removal of activation next to Show Activity Status.

Obviously Instagram you want the concentration of water to prevent communicating with some via private messages, not all available on the app currently.

They can understand from the word “interaction” or “activity” that water show when did you last perform on the publications, whether commented on or liked or posted something, no need to deal with the publications of the Instagram or communicate messages to the update time.


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