Instagram starts pushing a new update for the car stickers Interactive to

Bring the application of Instagram today a new feature for users to update the camera to include posters, interactive experience with trying to apply Snapchat.

Burn the developers of application of Instagram to add more features to improve the user experience, and today the app started to add a new feature in the design of the cable car which was announced to Adam Mosseri today on Twitter.

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Comes update camera new to the user experience of the series in search of different effects, filters and stickers, as the user can through the camera of the new Add GIF images in the story, with the search feature for GIF images correspond to reality back to.

It also comes button “On This Day” to support the user in the search for images and publications that have been published on the app on this day, or on a specific day over the past years, also added site TechCrunch that this feature will be good support for users in refer to the publication had various over the years.


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