Instagram stops working for the second time this month

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

إنستاجرام يتوقف عن العمل

Inform the A lot of users of the application Instagram on the problems in access to their accounts Friday morning, where the application to stop working have a large number of people around the world, while the company has not announced the Facebook Royal enter on it until now.

It is worth noting that this is the second stop instead of working through this month, where previously and many users of my site Instagram and Facebook of the difficulty of access to their account since more than a week in some states, it has been announced at the time the company Facebook they are aware that some people are facing the problem of access to the family of Facebook applications and they seek to resolve the problem quickly, did not learn about the reason behind it until now.

As always spread the reputation #InstagramDown on Twitter

As usual, scroll, users who have problems with their account to this tag to express their problems with the app some of them face the problem of registration of exit compulsory of account, and some of them continue to receive an error message with the inability to login to the account.

Initially, some users complained of problems with the application of Instagram on their phones while operating a web version well, and soon appeared the same problems with the web version.

Showed the website Down Detector – one of the sites that are tracking the performance of web sites – to Instagram face problems along the east coast of the United States and in most parts of Western Europe.

إنستاجرام يتوقف عن العمل

According to the report of the website statistics on Instagram, it turns out that 40% of users of Instagram who have logged complaints to stop the app suffer from the problem of logging in to their account, and 27% suffer from to apply Instagram is not working, and 31% suffer from Stop Instagram from work.

According to reports, the complaints have originated mainly from Singapore, USA, India, Albania, Sweden, Germany and continued to spread in many other countries, it is not yet clear why the application stops to work or when he’ll be back to work in this country.

It should be noted that the Facebook owners instead encounter many problems during the recent period, in addition to the expected locations of its applications for work most of the time the company still sharing her feelings with other American Parliament Parliament of the United Kingdom regarding the leaking of their customers ‘ data.

إنستاجرام يتوقف عن العمل
إنستاجرام يتوقف عن العمل
إنستاجرام يتوقف عن العمل
إنستاجرام يتوقف عن العمل

The gate Arab News Technical Instagram stops working for the second time this month

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