Instagram supports videos, Episodic Long IGTV

Now Instagram supports videos of my comic work landscape videos in order to publish them as long in the service of the IGTV.

Since its launch about a year ago from now, was a video posted on IGTV photographer lengthwise only. Some users publish their videos and the occasional on IGTV, but you have the viewers to the heart of their phone to show up clearly on the full screen.

As is the case with the platform Instagram page itself, the beginning was exclusively for Square with dimensions equal in 2015, and then become supports audio spin-off and height of different dimensions.

Currently trying to Instagram hard to convince users to adopt the service IGTV to publish the content of their video instead of YouTube or even the latest service such as Tik Tok, but the problem IGTV they do not provide the possibility of achieving the income to the owners of the content.

Comes support video spin-off in an attempt to simplify the task in front of the owners of the channels who post your videos on YouTube, re-posted the same on IGTV without the need to modify its dimensions.

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