Instagram supports videos horizontal in the IGTV

Announced the service share photos and videos Instagram on Thursday expressed support for watching videos horizontal within the service “I. G. t” IGTV, scattered it about the most important advantages that were lacking in the beginning of the launch of the service in the past year.

And for the service Instagram sharing feature video clips first time in the month of June 2013, the maximum duration allowed is only 15 seconds, the host then the appropriate service “fine” Vine owned by Twitter that did not hold up in the competition were closed down in early 2017.

Then worked Instagram, owned by Facebook, to increase the permitted duration, raising the limit to 30 seconds, then to 60 seconds. In the month of June 2018, the company announced the launch of a new independent on behalf of the IGTV offers users the possibility to watch long videos; the sink and the vertical only.

She said Instagram – which has more than a million energetic users per month – at that time: the service is designed to fit the era of smart phones, and see where it will be a future TV, but on mobile devices, as it allows users to watch the channels that they want.

And now, less than a year after the launch of the IGTV, retreated Instagram for the restriction of watching videos in the vertical position only, it is said in a publication on her blog: the update comes in response to requests from users who want to watch videos on the product in a way closer to nature.

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The company added: “This is why we attach support clips horizontal videos, to the videos vertical. In the end, our vision is to make the IGTV face content wonderful no matter how you photographed so that content makers to express themselves the way they want”.

It is indicated that the IGTV is available within the application Instagram, the main of which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android phones from the store to the App Store for iPhone, as well as you can download the service as a standalone application from the Play Store andApp Store.

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