Instagram think about hiding the number of likes of User Postings

I discovered a professional school – has become active in recent times in the discovery of more experimental hidden in many applications and services – to service share photos and videos Instagram choose to hide the number of likes of publications.

Said engineered gene Manta live Wong in a tweet posted via her account on the Twitter website: “the Instagram choose to hide the number of likes from the public.” She added that the company reported in application: “we want to follow you to focus on what you share, not the number of likes that you get your publications”.

Published Wong – that is not the date in the questionnaire to discover more in a number of applications, such as: Twitter, instead, before it is released for general users – the screen shots for testing the new, which appears under the published name of one of the friends who liked the publication, and then the word “other”.

The site said “current,” TechCrunch, and for technical, Instagram explained that “during this test, no one will see the number of likes the total that you get publications unless shared”.

It is believed that hide the number of likes it can reduce the herd mentality, where people like to some publications, is not love; rather, because they got huge number of likes. It may also reduce this feeling of competition on Instagram, because users will compare the number of likes your friends the most famous or the content makers, who may encourage them to publish what is authentic rather than trying to raise the likes for all to see.

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Confirmed Company Instagram for “current,” that this design is still a prototype internally, which is not visible to general users until now. Police spokesman said: “We do not disagree that at the present time, but explore ways to reduce the pressure on Instagram is a thing we always do”.

It is indicated that this is not the only feature that works Instagram on tested now vary, as also the visual communication, sounds, background to, and control the time spent by users on the app.

Besides hiding the number of likes, the monitoring task of the school is Wong’s other advantages in the application of Instagram on the Android operating system, including: chat stickers the serial number for private messages Direct, and filters the “filters” augmented reality in calls, Direct Video, and watch the joint.

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