Instagram think in metaphor a new feature, this time from network Pinterest


Containing Instagram on a lot of the posts interesting, such as restaurants that might want to check out, places you want to visit, and that you may want to buy something from them, and so on. This is the reason that the network of Instagram two years ago on the launch of the Save feature publications ( Bookmarks ) which allows users to save posts in private collections.

Now according to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, it appears that Instagram choose a similar feature for Collections in the network of Pinterest. This will be a new feature similar to feature special collections that has been launched two years ago, but the main difference here is that these groups will be public.

What this means is that users will be able to create their own collections and share them in general where others can contribute. In a manner similar to the hashtag where users can include hashtags that are common in their consultations so that they can find, despite the fact that in this case will be more cooperative with the users who are able to contribute to it.

Based on what we can find out, you’ll be able to users to determine who can contribute in these communities to avoid filling their groups content, junk content and spam. However, when it was even about this new feature, denied the Instagram they choose, but the website TechCrunch indicates that this is the usual response from the police when you are even on the features that are being worked on which is yet to be launched for general users.


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