Instagram think to hide likes and increase user engagement

Follow the Facebook theory: if hide likes will increase the size of the deployment, in a different platform Instagram owned by this theory, and the giant social networking its recent move to hide the likes on the participation of the user in an effort to reduce implementation on app popular social.

But it is clear that the motive goes beyond that, there is another hypothesis within the company to the effect that hide the likes will lead to increase the number of posts published by people within the service, through making them feel that they are less aware of when you don’t have problems of their A lot of attention.

The more posts that users spend more time on Instagram and thus grow the company’s ability to show more ads, where the platform photo sharing is an important part of the future of Facebook, a social app most popular among teens, and has more than a million monthly users.

It also has more than 500 million daily users for stories Stories that have been submitted in 2016 to compete with the common feature of the same name from Snapchat Snapchat, and analysts now value Instagram more than $ 100 million, or about one fifth of the total market capitalization of the company Facebook.

Since Facebook announced its experience to remove likes in the month of April, linking Adam Moses buyer head of Instagram efforts to the social network to counter development online.

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And Moses said unto the buyer at the time of the earlier: planning this step because we want to reduce people’s attention to the number of times the admiration that they receive on Instagram, and spend more time in communicating with people who care for them, and make the region less competitive and give people more space to focus on communicating with the people they love and the things that inspire them.

But research by Facebook suggests that hide the likes can also increase the number of posts to Instagram, and started the organization in recent years to see more users say they delete or archive their origin, especially of publications that did not receive a lot of likes.

Developed teams growth and data in the Facebook premise that getting rid of the likes will make the users feel that they are less aware of when you don’t receive the problems of their A lot of likes, which motivates them to publish more.

Under the changes, users won’t be able anymore to compare the number of likes their posts the number of likes the feelings of their peers, but they will think they receive a notice to each admiration of the individual, it can be these notices serve as a catalyst to further protect the users on publishing more than once.

Can users of Instagram to simulate the behavior of close friends and family members, so the urge a few users to start publishing original content frequently and may impact viral.

Although the removal of the likes might motivate users to post more, but it may harm influencers, and benefits the celebrity more than is referred to as the “momentum likes”, which means that the user may like to participate because he saw one of his friends likes her or because he watched a large number of likes.

Recall that Instagram does not want to keep influencers, but as the systems of its competitors such as Snapchat and T Tok and Twitter are less developed, the Facebook you know that I have influential a few of the other services that they can transition to it, which makes them cling to Facebook instead.

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