Instagram wants you to stay with the app for the longest time with the latest addition

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Instagram wants you to continue with the application for the longest time with the latest addition

Instagram photo sharing network wants to make you stick to the app for as long as possible, and not only view posts from people and accounts that you follow.

In the latest addition to the app this week for all users, (Suggested Posts) have been added at the end of your timeline, and an update when the famous phrase (You're All Caught Up) appears, which means that you have seen all the updates of the accounts you are following up to the moment.

Instagram update

From here you will start, if of course you want to see the posts that the network will suggest to you according to your interest, your browsing history and your time zone, and you may also see some ads.

The feature was being tried on a limited scale in recent months, but it is available today to everyone on the two versions of the app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store for Android.

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