Instagram where they choose a property to hide the counter admiration and made available to the owner of the publication only

إنستقرام تختبر خاصية لإخفاء عداد الإعجاب وإتاحته لصاحب المنشور فقط

Choose Instagram where they many of the more continuously and then releases it to users, but the latter property that you choose are very different, they are not gonna add something new to the organization, but will hide something from them I always thought users since the launch of the product a decade ago.

According to researcher Jane Mooney to Wong, the Instagram where they choose to feature under which hide the counter admiring the bottom picture of the overall situation and to keep the many available to the owner of the publication only. Where the organization seeks to make the user focus more on the strength of published content and not the number of times admirable.


Perhaps Instagram where they’re right in this, this step will the user like what he sees distinct opinionated and not according to what he sees gas coded according to the number of times admirable.

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