Instagram where they start by providing the option of “reference products” to users in several markets in the region

إنستقرام تبدأ بتوفير خيار "الإشارة للمنتجات" للمستخدمين في عدة أسواق بالمنطقة

I started Instagram where they will be with time to bear the Office of an influential marketing methods and products, which is what made the company add different features to help homeowners on the marketing of their products and users to access, to now expand the option to “reference products” and the Arab region.

Came all the new vegetables in three markets in the Middle East and North Africa currently; distinct in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Lebanon. Of course, the app will be available for business accounts the official on the platform.

Water will become the new companies that publish on the region the possibility of the reference of the products in the pictures and add links to each of them to move users to the Websites to review the product details and buy. And users can also purchase directly via Instagram where they will be with the new option which makes the buying and selling process easier on home now.

It was Instagram where they have introduced the feature of “signal products” in 2017 received successfully and the interest of large commercial companies, to come now to Arab markets, it adds a new attribute of marketing on the platform.

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