Instagram where they will be working on adding a new poster to collect donations in the story

إنستقرام تعمل على إضافة ملصق جديد لجمع التبرعات في القصة

Become Instagram where they will be working on a new poster each period to add it to that you think the most important point of inquiry during the last period, this time with a quest to add the poster to collect donations directly.

It was the parent company Facebook has introduced pre-donation feature for charity and the Like on the main grid, but it is now seeking for a greater offer on the other house, Instagram where they will be during the coming period.

Showed researcher Jia mansion Weng competent in such matters for investigation, especially with regard to into, the image of the poster new that appeared in the beta version of the average sticker tags and.

The campaign was used links in the story to identify the user to the page with fundraising, but with the new poster in Instagram where they will be it easier, but he can’t say for sure launching soon until now.

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