Instagram where they will experience updates to navigate through the product and purchase video

إنستقرام تجري تحديثات للتسوق عبر المنصة وتتيح الشراء عبر الفيديو

From time to time experience Instagram where they updates shopped on the home to day for new updates facilitate the registration process the user will be able to enjoy shopping through the videos you watched on the news page of your account soon, where he will have the updates saved things on it within the option to save the publications window shopping special “shopping collection” as well as to facilitate the process of reviewing the accounts of your business which will be in service in year end holiday.

Will the products below the video that you know some business deals according to the type of content that will be associated with product supply, which means you will be property available to the page with the brand and therefore will enable the user who is following her arrival didn’t in the video of the items over the joint attached to the video market, they can work to save he didn’t like me in the shopping list which will appear as online when you go to it, to give ease to navigate between all the products added by the tool to reference if you wish to buy any of them.

Has allowed Instagram where they earlier to calculate the business share of their products through stories and selling them to be the day of the march by announcing on the advantage of rushing through the video; thereby allowing greater options for the user to access products and purchase them either from the story or the video with the launch of the new property, will design the business pages what fits of publications containing products change simple and add the icon to purchase “Shop” under it.

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