Instagram where they will let know the people connected

إنستقرام تتيح معرفة الأشخاص المتصلين

Updates to Instagram where they don’t expect, especially speaking of the conversion of a property of the messages to a form closer to what exists in application Messenger Facebook. Since the new update to bring with it several advantages and allows to know the persons connected to and presence in the conversation.

To be able to know the callers they have through the appearance of green dot under the picture personal, this is similar to exactly what is present in Messenger, users can also run offline mode.

But most of it is that users will be able to know the status of the conversation, i.e., in ‘ arafah that the person is available or you may read the letters, along with knowledge of the case contact.

In spite of updates, a lot the former property of the messages during the last period, this feature is very much awaited by everyone.

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