Instagram will add special advantages to publish stories text

Add Instagram to the advantages of a new periodically to investigate in general the advantage of the duel story, particularly where it is believed the operators of the app launch several new advantages to the story of Instagram in the next few days with More options for customization .

In the situation of regular feature stories spread because they focus on the audio and video mainly, but the advantages of the new clarified that Instagram wants to focus on story written too, so there is a feature coming in the name of the Type.

Go to the tab of the new Type will show you all the options of the story written so you can write what you want and then choose the type of plan of four lines with the advantages of zooming in and out and also choose the color of the line to show you the background of the colored areas automatically, but if you don’t like it you can change it and you can upload your own background too. album.

Until now, these advantages still in test mode and did not appear for all users .


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