Instagram will alert you before you close your account!

Instagram platform to share photos months online now says some of the amendments on the procedures for disabling the accounts. In the former it is closed the offending accounts suddenly and without warning but now it has the site to amend its policies to implement the user before you disable or delete his account.

إنستاغرام سوف يقوم بتنبيهك قبل إغلاق حسابك!Instagram will alert you before you close your account!

If the system detects Instagram or illegal content is reported the user will receive an alert remove the content with the statement that his account may be shut-off or delete if you hate those irregularities again.

The offending content of the rules of Instagram include nude photos and pornography, promotion of drugs or the sale of its incitement to terrorism and violence, in addition to diversity, harassment and hate speech in messages and comments.

Development, which will be shown to the user in the application will also be content that has been about the liberation of the violation instead of going to the Centre for assistance and technical support.

إنستاغرام سوف يقوم بتنبيهك قبل إغلاق حسابك!Instagram will alert you before you close your account!

Sanctions imposed by Instagram on the offending content development includes only the first, was increase to disable the account for, and finally delete the account entirely if you exceed the publications of the violation of a certain percentage or been committing various infractions in a certain period of time or were repeating the same irregularities, the same policies in the parent company Facebook owners instead.

It is worth mentioning that I have Instagram protection system based on artificial intelligence can recognize the content of photos and publications and discover the offending them automatically. Also if you have publications concerns, don’t hesitate to report them to protect the rest of the users.

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