Instagram will expand the circle chosen to hide the likes to other countries similar to Canada

انستقرام توسع دائرة اختبارها لإخفاء الإعجابات لتشمل دولاً أخرى على غرار كندا

The Facebook by following a new style last April at the platform Instagram to test the masking on the number of likes given by users on their publications, where she began to apply the test in Canada, to today about expanding the circle to include the number of users in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand.

Seeking the logic behind the choice of concealment to push users to focus on content not on a counter admiration, in a way that might benefit the organization in raising the level of interaction on the content of the publication, whether of short videos or pictures.

The home audience of users who will be targeted for testing in the states referred to previously by safety notifications, all to the effect of ” we would like to focus audience to follow you on the content that you share with them; I don’t care the number of likes that your posts”.

Masking likes to focus on the content

Also confirmed Instagram to wish this through a tweet on her official Twitter saying, “We want to focus added on the content of the photos and videos you share with them; don’t be fixated on how much admiration they have it.”

Explaining that the account holder will be able to see the likes made by their publications, but as stated previously will be hidden from the traffickers.

The fact that the objective of Instagram and the advertiser is to increase the focus on the nature of the content can not be judged now on the efficacy of the plan, they are still in their initial stages and maybe will play a positive role in raising the level of publications.

But in all cases such a process can not be conducted without examining all the rationale, implications, and perhaps Facebook would like to use the property on its platform the main also in post-marketing if it works in Instagram.

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