Instagram will hide the number of likes in publications globally


If there’s a reason people doing silly things on social media, it is because the likes, which somehow confirm the validity of what they did. However, as probably heard, it has begun to Instagram to discuss the idea of hide likes on its platform, where they basically hide the number of likes that you get publications.

Now in a tweet on the Twitter network, announced Instagram that she will choose this on a larger scale, it will hide the likes on the global level. In the past, has been to test the waters in specific markets, but now it seems that Instagram would choose on a much larger scale. It’s a change is controversial, but the Instagram claims that the comments received in the markets where I tested this change was positive.

According to Inter, it has stated by saying : ” while the feedback from the preliminary tests in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand is positive, this change is fundamental in Instagram, so we continue our tests to find out more“, the company added : ” In addition, we understand that the number of likes is important for many creators, we think about constantly in the way to deliver value to creators and partners “.

As we have said, it’s a change is controversial, but it remains to be seen whether it will have a negative impact on content creators or not, but if you use Instagram and no longer see the number of likes on publications, you can bet you’re part of the tests.

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