Instagram will start displaying ads on the navigation page soon

انستقرام ستبدأ بعرض الإعلانات على صفحة الاستكشاف قريباً

Announced the social media platform Instagram announced its intention to provide advertisements on the pages of exploration (Explore) soon, as a masterpiece of the navigation page visits by users of the application desire also to new content and the search for the originators of the content of the pages to meet their desires.

Explained the product that the ads will not appear as part of the content displayed in the main interface tab for exploration, which appears on the form of web content when you click on an icon special.

It will begin appearing with the pressure of the user on one of the publications content and start scrolling to become other similar publications, where will the advertising content among images and videos.

It is supposed to be these ads are available to everyone within the next few months with the disclaimer of the company because of the fact IGTV who owns a wide audience would see the emergence of propaganda and advertising the beginning of the day.

It is no secret for everybody that Facebook has resorted to exploit the field of exploration and peaceful uses propaganda to achieve more income, being the most sonorous Instagram, if not all, don’t take me from the sea and watch the publication had the general.

Commented director of marketing and products in Instagram to this step being so excited to activate it due to the rush of extreme users on the exploration, where they were prepared originally to see the new content and willing to learn different things, which naturally includes user accounts, brands, and other.

It also added that there is no standard to exploit the network of major exploration in to place ads, but there’s nothing custom so until the moment, with no apparent reason to leave her intact.

Despite the justifications launched by Facebook marketing the way the new ad on the tongue area of marketing, however, this will not prevent the discomfort and remember a large segment of the users of the product of widespread advertising, in the form of making the house like a advertising platform commercial than social.

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