Instagram will tell you how you an apply them

instagram Usage Insights

instagram Usage Insights

Are you addicted to Instagram? a It corresponds to the time you spend on the application, the available indirect methods are currently know that, but Instagram intends to launch a statistical advantage to know the rate of your use of the application in detail.

The Executive Director of the Inter Kevin Systrom evidence code detected that the social network of Health intends to launch Usage Statistics Usage Insights to the user as provided on the service every day and with the aggregate figures for each time period.

With that story behind statistics like these that draws police attention of the users the long time they spend on the app, but I’m afraid to turn it backwards. I have users and they start to donate my time which adds on flipping between photos and videos, and we can begin the screen shots that show these figures to spread with the hashtag uniform.

This reminds us, as announced by Google within the Conference of developers of the advantages of Android to me that he would the Control Panel show the rate of use of different applications. And began Google already with the YouTube application available feature allows to recall when you watch the videos for a given time as asking them to take a break.

On the margin, Yes, as you can see from the picture above, and also Instagram choose to design the side menu in the application which could see you soon.

Ironic how the services were struggling to keep the user as long as possible, and now you want him to stop her addiction.

How many hours you spend of your day on Instagram, or YouTube, or snapchat, or Facebook, or anything else several games? It’s an issue that needs attention.


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