Instagram will tell you if your account will be banned soon

Launched Instagram a new car would make you expect that your account will be banned due to violation of community standards. The new policy stipulates that it will warn you when your account at risk of ban.

Will Instagram you the opportunity to rely on its decision in the case discovered that your posts violate the terms of use, thereby impeding the safety of your account from Ban.

There are a range of topics that if you posted pictures or videos on it will give your account to like violence, nudity, diversity, hate speech, selling drugs and terrorism. And wait for Instagram to achieve a certain percentage of content that displays the account to change before effectively banned.

During the recent period did Instagram Ban a lot of photos and videos from the account of some of the celebrities as artists because they think nudity, but now they can rely on the decision of the ban by deleting the offending content.

All these steps taken by Instagram, aims to make the region a safer place for everyone, and we have seen recently a new car will tell you if your comment is annoying, even before it was published so as to change your mind.

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