Instagram's new update brings QR Code feature to accounts!

Instagram recently got an important update by adding the Reels feature that mimics the Tik Tok application , and there is another new update that brings the QR Code feature in the app.

Instagram's new update brings QR Code feature to accounts!

Facebook – the company that owns WhatsApp and Instagram – has also added the QR Code feature in WhatsApp to make it easy to share names and contacts instead of traditionally exchanging numbers.

The QR Code feature in Instagram can be accessed by going to Settings and then choosing QR Code, so that Instagram will generate a code for the account holder.

Instagram's new update brings QR Code feature to accounts!

A scan of the code can be done by any of the camera applications or applications designated for that, and you can go directly to the account and follow up the account directly through the code.

For trade account holders, the code will include additional information such as working hours, available merchandise, and more.

The QR Code can also be saved as an image on the device to share via e-mail or other communication applications, and it can also be printed and used in publications and posters.

Instagram introduced the code feature earlier, but it wasn't that kind of code and it was only recognized by Instagram's camera.

There is another important update coming to the Instagram application through which the conversations between it and the Facebook Messenger application will be merged , in a revolutionary step that may also witness the integration of WhatsApp with them soon.

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