Instapota RESTART + Contest?

Instapota is a category in which we criticize and praise the photos taken by users on the mobile phone and processed on it. We have updated the format and now we are going to discuss pictures of the three of us (Oleg, Vanya, Sasha) separately, so you can hear from 3 independent opinions.

To motivate you to develop your skills, we will now have a prize that will get best picture on a given topic. This time the theme is “winter photography”. No matter it be a landscape, portrait or minimalist, the main thing that the photo could be seen that it is made in winter. In the next issue we will discuss the most interesting photos on a given topic and will award the best prize from our sponsor – electronic stabilizer for smartphone Moza Mini Mi. The sponsor of the prize is online store To participate in the contest can everyone, BUT the prize we send only to Ukraine in the Department of New Mail.


Each user is taken to a maximum of 2 photos. If more – disqualification;
Photos must be posted on your profile since the release of this movie, that is February 18;
Pictures to mention with the hashtag #instapota_new. If note old photo disqualification;
The theme that you want to take pictures of “winter photography”;
The photos must be taken on the smartphone.

Send us your photo, participate in the contest and wait for the next release. Good luck to everyone!

If you find an error, please highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter.

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