Instead choose to facilitate the recovery of accounts hijacked

The process would be to retrieve the account instead after the hack it is easier than ever, thanks to the new feature you choose the company that allows users to recover their accounts from within the app, instead of the manual operation to the current to communicate with technical support.

New method to recover account instead required to fill out a form with information including the email address that created the account via his phone number, and you will get after it on the code consisting of 6 digits is sent to the contact information you choose, and will instead prevent hackers from using the codes to take over your account from a different device.

Will this new method is the possibility to recover the account even if the hacker changed the user name and contact information, and reduce the chance of hacking your account, should raise the level of security by setting a strong password, and use the advantage of two-step verification.

Source: Engadget

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