Instead of a monster in Loch ness could inhabit giant eel

Don’t want to disappoint those who believe in the reality of Nessie (so often called a monster, supposedly living in Loch ness in Scotland), but of all the existing versions about the one who still dwells in the depths of Loch ness, this sounds the most plausible. Of course, with 100% certainty to say that Nessie is acne, scientists can’t, however, they had good reason to think so. So, most likely, Nessie will be nothing but a repetition of the story about the face on Mars. Remember this? That only did not speak about it, and later found out that the famous person is nothing but a creativity of the Martian wind, water and exuberant human imagination.

Artists had depicted the Loch Ness monster

How did the myth about the monster of Loch ness?

You will not believe, but for the first time about the monster of Loch ness in the year 565 was reported by the Irish missionary. Myths, as we know, the earth is full, so the mysterious beast continued to see in the waters of a Scottish Loch and beyond. This is not surprising — imagine that you are walking along the lake, it is getting dark outside and suddenly you hear a splash of water, look into the distance and mistaken for a monster of an ordinary stick that had fallen into the water. Perhaps you’re walking in the evening in the woods, took the stump for some kind of monster. Let’s discuss if anyone saw anything unusual in the dark in our Telegram chat.

Here's how it all began: Scientists began searching for DNA "Loch ness monster"

In the 1930s, interest in Nessie grew as never before. Some lucky ones managed to photograph the monster, and the Newspapers eagerly took photos of the witnesses. The most famous is the grainy picture in 1934, which shows the dark outline of a creature with a long neck, floating on the water surface. It got to the point that there were eyewitness reports of what Nessie ran across the road. Not surprisingly, many pictures of the Loch Ness monster was a fake.

Fake monster photo Loch ness monster taken in 1934 by Colonel Robert Wilson

By the way, today many see Nessie. But scientists finally have something to show them. Researchers from New Zealand want to study in detail all the inhabitants of a Scottish lake from plants to fish and coastal wildlife. The study experts have collected traces of DNA contained in Loch ness. And detection and identification of DNA, as we know, can tell scientists what organisms live in a certain environment.

The real inhabitants of Loch ness

250 samples were gathered by scientists in different parts of Loch ness. After experts have carefully studied the composition of DNA discovered. Alas, as we would with you, and possibly the scientist himself did not want to believe that Nessie once existed, the examination showed that the lake was never found animals of large size. But some experts believed that Nessie could be a dinosaur or a big fish, like white sturgeon. However, the only major inhabitant of Loch ness could be acne are quite large.

The study was more than 500 million individual organisms and 3000 species. According to Neil Gemmell from the University of Otago in New Zealand, who led the study, matches of DNA sequences, shark, catfish or sturgeon in Loch ness was not detected. This eliminates the presence in the lake of big, exotic fish.

Nessie, is that you? (Before you acne and is quite large)

Experts found the DNA of different species living on land that can be seen in the vicinity of lake Loch ness, including badgers, deer, rabbits and different birds. Sheep, cattle and dogs also appear in the records of the study together with people. This suggests that sampling was performed very carefully, as revealed DNA species that rarely come into contact with water. Agree, if the lake lived a monster of gigantic proportions, scientists have clearly discovered his DNA.

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And here we are getting to the good part — the most likely candidate for the role of Nessie is a giant eel. The fact that eel DNA was detected in almost every sample of water collected in different areas of the lake. However, a large number of DNA acne does not mean that acne is the monster of Loch ness. If we had DNA samples of this monster and they could be compared with what was discovered by scientists from New Zealand, questions about what such a beast Nessie would not have arisen. But the absence of unusual DNA in the lake suggests that if someone is big it floated, it could be a giant eel.

Is there a Loch Ness monster?

Well with DNA we kind of figured. But if Nessie does not exist, where are these countless reports about the monster? The answer is likely to be a psychological phenomenon called “expectant attention.” This happens when people are waiting for something or want to see, therefore more likely to misinterpret visual cues. In other words, wishful thinking.

According to social survey conducted in Scotland in 2018, 24% of the population of this great country believe that Nessie exists.

And yet, it’s safe to say that Nessie doesn’t exist or that the monster was a giant eel, scientists can not say. Loch ness is a popular place for many tourists who come there in hope at least one eye to see the famous Nessie. So, most likely, we will hear about it.

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