Integral reveal about microSD card with a capacity of 512 GB

Customers are turning to cloud solutions for data storage, but these solutions are not yet able to eliminate the need for memory cards in the near future.

In August 2017, announced the SanDisk during the exhibition IFA in Berlin on the microSD card with space for storage amounting to 400 GB, which is the largest storage capacity of such cards.

It seems that SanDisk memory card will not retain this title for a long time, the company revealed Integral today unveiled the microSD card the highest capacity in the world with an area of a storage of 512 GB.

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This card is considered very suitable in case you need to storage requirements large, it is also compatible with the standards of the V10 and Class 10 and U1, which means they are able to provide a speed no less than 10 MB per second write sequence, which is half of the speed offered by the cards U3/V30.

It is also able to transfer files at a speed up to 80 MB per second, it’s a bit slower than the speed of SanDisk card amounting to a capacity of 400 GB, but they meet the criteria of capturing videos in high definition and suitable for use with your smartphone or tablet, with the writing speed up to 25 mbps.

It should be noted that the company is the arrival of this card to the market by next February, without uncovering her cost available.


Source: Integral reveal about microSD card with a capacity of 512 GB

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