Intel and Qualcomm to push the U.S. government to reconsider the ban on Huawei

As expected, the ban on the Huawei and American companies to communicate with them hurt the business interests of major U.S. companies over the head Google which has formally requested from the government by any failure to prevent Huawei from using the Android system in the interests of national security of the US.

Back to the title of the news is the manufacturers of the products are also affected by U.S. sanctions imposed by Trump on Huawei’s where I started companies, Intel and Qualcomm to make efforts to convince the government that the complete prohibition is not the appropriate penalty and company two that sell the equipment to Huawei outside of America won’t have the same security concerns of purchasing equipment for 5G that will be within America.

Certainly the two companies want to maintain their business interests with Huawei as indicated in previous reports that the Qualcomm and Intel dominated the bigger the amount of components imported by the Huawei company of America, of which up to approximately $ 11 billion annually.

The U.S. government interacted with the requests of U.S. companies to grant Google wait 3 months like and also allowed for manufacturers to terminate existing contracts which have been signed in advance but no one knows what will happen to Huawei with Android system, such as after the expiration of the time limit granted to the company in mid-August .

Meetings between the two governments the American and the Chinese will soon start and wait for it to be a problem Huawei within the items of these meetings as I know Trump himself when he stated in a press statement days ago that the problem of Huawei may fall within any trade agreements with China through the next stage and this is almost the only hope to solve the problem.


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