Intel announces first chip that supports technology artificial intelligence cloud

Intel announced the chip Wizard Nervana Neural Network new that comes up as the first chip to support the technique of artificial intelligence in the cloud services.

Also Intel as one of the developer of the processing units which is based on the technique of artificial intelligence, and today move on to each of the processors NNP-T1000 وNNP-I1000 which is designed particularly to support technology artificial intelligence cloud.

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Come chip NNT-T to support the technique of artificial intelligence starting from the computers of small size up to the hardware giant, while the model works NNP I-on operational support tasks intensive in the interface.

On the other hand, revealed intel about the new generation of CPU Movidius Vision, which supports the performance 10 times better, with the efficiency in the processes of inference 6 times better than rival units, is scheduled to begin shipping units Movidius new during the first half of 2020.


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