Intel announces the Processor routers supports the new standard 802.11 ax



Announced giant processors Intel for the expansion of its product segments processors routers supporting the new standard 802.11 ax, which will be faster data transfer and better performance in crowded places like airports and cafes that have a lot of connected devices.

Although Intel is offering its new year for manufacturers, but it is difficult to forecast its availability in the markets by next year due to lack of start certificate products and their compatibility currently.

Some companies can present their products by obtaining certificates as did ASUS, but waiting for certificates of Conformity and approval of standard specifications means a wider spread and officially more development.

The Qualcomm has announced the availability of the Chipset Supports the 802.11 ax since February last year, but as long as it has not issued official certificates of the group Wi-Fi Alliance adopted as the standards for wireless networks, can not provide products that support the new standard currently.

Take advantage of the new standard you will need to buy a router that supports it and also have the device connected to it supports it, such as your smartphone or laptop, that means you have to wait for more months to get the benefit of new technology.


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