Intel confirms that the agreement of Apple with Qualcomm reason for its exit from the development techniques of the fifth generation phones

إنتل تؤكد أن اتفاق آبل مع كوالكوم سبب خروجها من تطوير تقنيات الجيل الخامس للهواتف

Was eyes are on what happens between Apple and Qualcomm the middle of the month on the background of their dispute long about patents, but it ended unexpectedly have the majority of the audience and even technology companies Competition, where the two companies announced on to resolve the dispute and Apple TV to the modem of the fifth generation of the identity adapted from Qualcomm, which over the time of the announcement by Intel’s exit from the market.

Intel were working on the development of technologies of the fifth generation of smartphones in its quest for continued cooperation with Apple to provide the iPhone with products and services, but returned to its exit from the market the middle of this month and continue to develop techniques for computers only in conjunction with the agreement between the parties and others, which raised the question about the interdependence of events.

But the day came and Bob Swan, executive director of the Intel, confirming that the cause of the fall is the agreement between Qualcomm and Apple TV, so that the yield of the market will not be great in this field after get rid of Apple for their services, especially since most of the companies deal with Qualcomm as Huawei and Samsung had reached an advanced stage in this area.

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