Intel Core i9-9900K in 3DMark almost caught up with the Core i9-7900X

Intel, as you know, is preparing to release the first eight-core CPU for LGA 1151. Will lead the line Core i9-9900K, which we wrote about here. And here we wrote about the fact that the CPU will run even on low-end motherboard with a H310.

Today we have the opportunity to look at the first tests of this monster. While it was only tested in 3DMark Time Spy, but it’s something.

In the test he scored 10 719 points (CPU Score), which is quite decent. For comparison, Ryzen 7 2700X gaining about 9200 points, Core i7-8700K — about 8000 points, Core i9-7900X around 11 000 points, and Ryzen Threadripper 1920X — somewhere 10 500 points.

Of course, one only 3DMark to judge something before, but plus or minus the distribution of forces can be assessed. Let me remind you, Core i9-9900K is credited with a price tag of $ 450, which puts it out of competition with any of the AMD processors on AM4. For example, for the same Ryzen 7 2700X in the US is now asking for about $ 315, which is below the recommended prices. But Ryzen Threadripper 1900X on Amazon now you can take just for 385 bucks! In General, with competitors on price will be difficult. It is necessary, apparently, to really compare with Ryzen Threadripper. What will happen to the competition in performance, show full tests.

Also I will add that recently said that in the entire range of Core 9000 finally under the caps will solder instead of the bad things that sculpts your Intel for many years. But new data indicate that solder will only two OCTA-core CPU, and all the rest will be thermal paste.

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