Intel: deal Apple, Qualcomm paid us to finish the plans 5G

The company stressed that Intel is the giant of the industry tortillas to shopping snap between Qualcomm and Apple TV pushed her out of the race to 5G to mobile phones, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper quoted Bob Swan, Bob Swan, CEO of Intel saying: “in light of the announcement by Apple and Qualcomm, we evaluated the prospects for us to make money while providing this technology for smartphones, we concluded at that time that we haven’t seen a way”.

The company industry processors May said on April 16 it plans to stop developing modems, networks 5G, which is the next generation of wireless technology, which is expected to change mobile phone contacts.

Came the news that the exit of intel from the work of chip modem 5G, after hours of declaration of the settlement deal between Apple and Qualcomm, because Apple was a major customer of Intel.

And it wasn’t obviously being Apple and Qualcomm have held settlement due to the fact that Intel has withdrawn from the race to 5G, which did not leave other options to the Apple TV to get the modem chip 5G iPhone, or if what was Qualcomm may enforce the same by judicial proceedings ongoing.

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Reports indicated that Intel develop the chip for manufacturer iPhone, which was supposed to exist in versions of the iPhone to 2020, but the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm meant that the latter would provide modems to Apple again.

According to a report by Bloomberg, it found Apple to Intel is able to provide chip modem supporting networks of the fifth generation for your iPhone at the time, and had no choice but to end years of judicial dispute bitter with Qualcomm for the future of the iPhone.

Based on the data of the company, continues to provide chip modem 4G LTE versions of the iPhone for 2019 at least.

Shares fell the manufacturer of the chip has increased by 7 percent due to lower expected revenue for the whole year, besides achieving a steady income for the first quarter of the current year at $ 16.1 million.

The company said the industry of chips in the statement: that the revenue associated with the data, fell by 5 percent, while revenue grew centered around computers increased by 4 per cent in the first quarter of 2019, net income was $ 4 billion, down from the same quarter last year which stood at $ 4.5 billion and a half.

The company expects to report revenue for the second quarter of the current year of approximately $ 15.6 million, to $ revenue year the entire $ 69 million, a reduction from its forecast issued in the month of January.

Recall that Intel has not come out fully from the race to 5G, which is still the company’s product adoption networks and infrastructure, in addition to the chip modem for other devices, not smartphones, as they are in the process of interaction must be done with the works of modem 5G, which invested a lot of time and money.

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