Intel denies rumors: Wizards to accurately manufacture 10 nm coming in 2010

Intel XMM 8160 5G Modem

Conflicting reports lately about the giant American technology Intel, and some reported that Intel will cancel its plan for the production of processors size of 10 nm completely, and it will prolong the lifespan of processors based on 14 nm so transmitted to accuracy of manufacturing of 7 nm directly in 2020.

Well, Denis Gaudreault director of the company in Canada denied these reports and confirmed that the company is already working on processors the size of 10 nm, and that these processors will be released in the market in the next year 2020 already. And recall that AMD rival Intel main have already moved to the accuracy of manufacturing of 7 nm from the company TSMC Taiwan, except that the accuracy of manufacture of Intel excels in quality and usually from the performance area, and so no correction of the direct comparison between the 7 nm from Intel and those currently TSMC, and for example, the Intel processors the current still compete with their counterparts from AMD even though they upgraded the size of 14 nm old which is old relatively.

Anyway, we keep waiting for more details about the plans of Intel coming to know their.

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